Gust is a Tailwind CSS theme for WordPress.

Leverage the power of Tailwind CSS and Wordpress to make your website come to life faster.


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<7kbCSS out of the box

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New in 1.6.1

Heroicons V2

We've updated our icon sets and have added Heroicons to the list! Heroicons is a great icon set that works so nicely with Tailwind CSS and it's great to finally have it available via Gust.

Tailwind CSS

WordPress and Tailwind, finally together.

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that provides you with classes that can be composed to build any design. Gust brings Tailwind CSS to WordPress and comes with all the essentials like Just-In-Time mode, Purge CSS, and a configurable config.

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Build anything

A theme to fit your design system.

Gust is extremely flexible. You have control over your Tailwind config which allows you to customise Gust to suit any brand or design system. Every component and every piece of HTML is editable either through the page builder or a WP filter.


Because speed matters

Smaller assets means quicker load times so Gust keeps track of the classes used throughout your project, and automatically removes any unused CSS to make sure your production files are as small as possible. An out of the box build of Gust weighs in at less than 7kb of CSS!

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Developer Tools

A theme you can work with.

Gust is made for developers and comes with the tools you need to work with WordPress and keep your sanity. Interact with WP Query from the page builder, edit every HTML node, and create re-usable components. You can even define components with JSON to make code re-use a breeze. And it wouldn’t be WordPress without filters. Everything has a hook or filter so you have the final word on what gets rendered.

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Components & Templates

Components and templates,
“out of the box”, to get you started

  • Gust button
  • Gust post grid screensho
  • Gust font awesome screenshot
  • Swiper JS logo
  • Gust cover image component screenshot
  • Gust price grid screenshot
  • Gust cover image right screenshot
  • Gust staff grid screenshot
  • Gust grid screenshot
  • Gust alternating columns screenshot
  • Gust featured grid screenshot

Most WordPress page builders give you a tonne of components out of the box, but come with very limited scope for customising them. Gust is different. Gust allows you to change everything, either through the drag-and-drop editor or through hooks and filters.

Components can be composed through the page builder or you can write them in JSON and check them into source control. This makes it easy to re-use components across projects and with your team.

Gust comes with a bunch of essential components and templates you can use to get started building a website, and we’re adding to it all the time!

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WP Query at your fingertips

The Gust editor allows you to interact with WP Query and provide this as context to other components. This means you can loop through posts, products, anything, without having to touch a code editor.

If you need to go beyond WP Query, you can also pass context through a filter so you can display whatever data you need!

Gust UI options with arrows pointing to on page elements


What's next up

It’s early days for Gust and we’ve got a bunch of features in the pipeline. You can see some of what we’re working on below ( in no particular order! ).

If you have an idea or want to see a feature, please reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do.

  • User vs Developer view

    Gust is built primarily for developers and digital agencies, but the current UI can be a little overwhelming for regular users. We’re working on a stripped down version of Gust so that developers can still have all the bells and whistles but your average Joe can just get on with the job.

  • Accessibility

    We’re working on improving a11y across all of our native components.

  • Components, components, components

    Gust comes with a bunch of components out of the box, but there are always more that we could be adding. We have some in mind, but if there are any you particularly want feel free to request them, or better yet, build it and send it through to us!

Build better with Gust

Leverage the power of Tailwind and Wordpress to make your website come to life faster—both for you and for your site visitors.