Getting started

Welcome to Gust! There are a few things you'll need to get started.

Installing the theme

Getting the theme installed is the same as any other WordPress theme. Make sure you log in as an admin and go to Appearance > Themes > Add New. Once the theme is uploaded, activate it and you're good to go.

Receiving automatic updates

When you purchase Gust, you'll receive a licence key. It will be displayed on screen, emailed to you, and you can always access it from your account if you lose it. Once you have Gust installed, head over to the Gust settings from the WordPress dashboard and enter this licence key into the licence key field.

Note that you can only use a licence key on one production site at a time. If you attempt to add a licence key to a website and the licence key is active on another website, you'll be prompted to remove it from the other site first.

Once you have your licence key added, you'll receive automatic updates to Gust as you normally would with any other theme.

You can manage your licences and active sites on your account page. Find out more.

Updating staging and development environments

Your licence key is valid for one production site at a time but you'll likely need to keep your development environment up to date too. You can add your licence key to any site running on localhost or .local and these sites won't count toward your site limit.

You can add your licence to staging and development environments also. Find out more.

Getting familiar with Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is what really allows Gust to be so flexible. If you're not already familiar with it, I'd highly recommend taking a look at their website first, before going any further.

In a nutshell, instead of providing you with CSS classes that defines what something is ( e.g. .button ), Tailwind provides you with utility classes that describes how something should look. Using a button as an example, we might have something like this in our HTML <button class="p-2 text-white bg-primary"> which gives some padding ( .p-2 ), sets the background colour to the primary colour ( .bg-primary ) and sets the text to white ( .text-white ).

All the components that come out of the box with Gust have a collection of these classes set up for you, but you're encouraged to modify these to suit your own needs. You can find out more on that on the Customising styles, fonts, and colours and Components pages.

Up Next

Now that you're familiar with Gust and Tailwind, take some time to build your first page with Gust.


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