Gust comes with a basic form builder that allows you to capture user input. This is particularly useful for things like basic contact forms. The Gust form builder is not meant to be a comprehensive form builder. There are many plugins in the WordPress ecosystem dedicated especially to forms that cover the many complex use cases. Instead, the Gust form builder allows you to quickly capture basic user input.

Watch our video tutorial on building a form to go step-by-step through creating a form and check the form component documentation for more information.

Responses are not recorded in the database, instead they are emailed to specified recipients. We're looking into building a plugin that will save user responses.

Specifying recipients

If no recipients are specified, Gust will send responses to the WordPress admin email. To choose who gets notified, head to the Gust settings in the WordPress dashboard. There is a Form email recipients setting. This is a comma separated list of email addresses that should be notified.

Setting a "from" address

Enter an email address into the Form email "from" setting. This specifies what email address should be used to send the notification and can help ensure that these emails don't go to spam or get rejected by your email provider.

Ensuring email delivery

Gust uses the built in mailing system. It is generally advised to use a mail delivery system such as Postmark or Sendgrid to ensure that emails are delivered and don't end up in your spam.

If you have set a "from" email address, it's particularly important to ensure you have a mail delivery system set up, as these emails will otherwise have a high chance of not being delivered.


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